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Tucson Roof Coating

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Rubberized Roof Coating Tucson

Durable Protection For Your Tucson Roof

With the scorching sun and relentless weather, your roof faces immense challenges in Tucson’s harsh climate. These extreme conditions can lead to frequent leaks, accelerated wear and tear requiring frequent roof repairs, and a surge in energy bills due to inefficient cooling. This is where the importance of roof coating in Tucson becomes evident for homes with flat roofs.

At Desert Sun Roofing & Reflective Coating LLC, our roofing contractors specialize in providing top-tier elastomeric roof coatings designed to offer your roof comprehensive protection, boost air conditioning efficiency, and extend the overall lifespan of your roofing system. ​​Our expertise as local roof coating specialists in Tucson has enabled us to develop a specialized process that caters to the unique environmental demands of the area. 

Our roof coating service doesn’t just offer a solution to leaks or other issues caused by the sun’s rays; it’s an essential investment for your Arizona home. Our elastomeric roof coatings provide an affordable, premium approach to roof protection, ensuring your Tucson roof remains resilient and weatherproof for years to come.

Contact us at Desert Sun Roofing & Reflective Coating LLC today for a quote for your roofing project.

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Our 13-Step Roof Coating Process

Desert Sun Roofing follows a 13-step process to repair and coat your roof, utilizing our superior roof coatings produced by Tucson Rubberized Coatings. These coatings are specially formulated to withstand Tucson’s unique desert conditions.

  • 1.

    Removal of all debris from the roof surface, including trimming nearby tree limbs or bushes.

  • 2.

    Peeling off any old, flaking roof coating and disposing of the debris.

  • 3.

    Power washing the roof surface with a 3200 PSI, chemical-free high-pressure cleaner to ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the roof.

  • 4.

    Reinforcing any loose metal drip edges and metal roof flashings and fixtures.

  • 5.

    Sealing all roof penetrations (pipes, vents, etc.) with a specialized rubberized flashing compound.

  • 6.

    Addressing all roof scuppers with a 3-course method using the same rubberized compound.

  • 7.

    Sealing or treating all roof cracks with the rubberized roof flashing compound.

  • 8.

    Application of tie-tex membrane in areas of the roof prone to water pooling, if necessary.

  • 9.

    Replacing any damaged or broken skylight domes as required.

  • 10.

    Applying a clear primer coat from Tucson Rubberized Coatings (#297-X) if needed.

  • 11.

    Application of the first coat of Tucson Rubberized Coating (#7000 or #10000).

  • 12.

    Once the first coat has fully dried, apply a second layer of the same high-quality Tucson Rubberized Coating (#7000 or #10000)

  • 13.

    Final cleanup of the project area, ensuring your property is as tidy or even tidier than before our work commenced.

    Elastomeric Roof Coating Tucson

    Our Roof Coating Services In Tucson, AZ

    Discover our specialized roof coating services designed specifically for the unique challenges of Tucson’s climate. From advanced elastomeric coatings to comprehensive protection strategies, we offer solutions that ensure your roof’s longevity and efficiency in the face of Tucson’s extreme weather.

    Tucson Elastomeric Coating

    We specialize in providing top-tier elastomeric roof coating services. This innovative coating is engineered to form a seamless and impenetrable barrier atop your existing roof. Our elastomeric coating, composed of a mix of rubber elements, asphalt, acrylic polymers, and other essential additives, is applied as a fluid that then solidifies into a robust, elastic membrane that adheres firmly to the roof’s surface. This process effectively seals all cracks and gaps, resulting in a smooth, unified barrier that offers superior waterproofing and durability against Tucson’s harsh weather conditions.

    Advantages Of Elastomeric Roof Coating

    Experience the advantages of using an elastomeric roof coating, a game-changer for roofs in Tucson’s challenging climate. Our advanced coating offers unparalleled durability, waterproofing, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly and low-maintenance features.


    Elastomeric roof coatings are flexible, allowing them to adapt to temperature changes without losing integrity. This elasticity ensures your roof remains resilient, resisting cracks and peels over time.


    The uniform application of our elastomeric coating forms a complete waterproof seal, effectively guarding against leaks and moisture intrusion that can lead to water damage.

    Energy Efficiency

    Our coatings are designed to reflect sunlight, significantly reducing heat build-up and reducing cooling costs and helping you save money on your energy bill in Tucson’s warm climate.

    Environmental Friendly

    Desert Sun Roofing is committed to sustainability; our elastomeric coatings incorporate recycled materials, offering an eco-conscious roofing solution.


    The long-lasting nature of our elastomeric coatings means minimal upkeep is required. In the event of damage, repairs are straightforward and extend the life of your roof.

    How Desert Sun Can Help With Elastomeric Roof Coating In Tucson

    At Desert Sun Roofing, our team specializes in customized elastomeric roof coating solutions to meet your requirements. With detailed application techniques, we ensure that your roof is perfectly coated, delivering a solution that is seamless, enduring, and efficient in energy usage.

    Trust in our innovative methods for a roofing solution that promises durability and optimal performance in Tucson’s unique environmental conditions.

    Get The Roofing Coating Service Your Tucson, AZ Home Needs

    Choosing the right roof coating expert is crucial for your home’s longevity. Desert Sun Roofing offers comprehensive roof coating services that cater to every aspect of your roof’s condition, including detailed repairs and heat-reflective coatings to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

    Our proficiency in elastomeric coatings positions us as the premier choice for roof coating in Tucson. Protect your house from the harsh elements and ensure its durability with our specialized services. 

    Contact us today to secure a roof that saves energy and endures all of Tucson’s weather.