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Roof Coating Specialist Tucson

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Rubberized Roof Coating Tucson

Superior Protection for Your Roof

Are you struggling with constant leaks, rising energy bills, or the premature aging of your flat roof? In Tucson’s extreme weather conditions, these problems can escalate quickly, leading to costly repairs and a compromised living environment. That’s where our roof coating services come into play. Specializing in elastomeric coatings, we provide the ultimate solution to protect your entire roof, enhance air conditioning efficiency, and prolong the life of your roofing system.

As your local roof coating specialists, we’ve crafted a precise process tailored to Tucson’s unique climate needs. Say goodbye to recurring roof issues and invest in our specialized roof coating services, designed to provide lasting security and peace of mind.

Your home is your fortress, whose roof shields you from the elements. In Tucson, where the weather can be extreme, roof coating is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Our roof coating Tucson service provides top-notch, affordable solutions that ensure durability and weather resistance for your roof. Tucson Elastomeric Roof Coating – A Modern Approach to Roof Protection

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Our 13 Step Roof Coating Process

Desert Sun Roofing’s 13 step process for repairing and coating your roof. We use premium, high quality roof coating from Tucson Rubberized Coatings, made right here in Tucson and formulated for our unique desert climate!

  • 1.

    Clean up all loose debris on roof surface. Trim back any overhanging tree limbs or bushes that are interacting with the roof.
  • 2.

    Scrape away any existing loose or peeling roof coating on roof surface, bagging up and removing all debris.
  • 3.

    Clean roof surface with 3200 PSI chemical free high pressure wash. Using 3200 PSI ensures that the roof surface gets clean without causing damage to the roof.
  • 4.

    Secure any loose metal drip edge and metal roof flashings and fixtures.
  • 5.

    Seal around all roof penetrations i.e., pipes, vents, etc., using a rubberized roof flashing compound.
  • 6.

    3-course all roof scuppers, using a rubberized roof flashing compound.
  • 7.

    Seal or 3-course all roof cracks, using a rubberized roof flashing compound.
  • 8.

    Apply tie-tex membrane to roof ponding areas if needed.
  • 9.

    Replace any broken or damaged skylight domes as needed.
  • 10.

    Apply a roof primer coat if required, using Tucson Rubberized premium clear primer, #297-X.
  • 11.

    Apply first coat of premium, high quality Tucson Rubberized Coating #7000 or #10000.
  • 12.

    After first coat is fully cured, apply a second coat of high quality, premium Tucson Rubberized Coating, #7000 or #10000.
  • 13.

    Clean up and remove all roof project debris from the job site, leaving your home or business just as clean or cleaner than when we found it!
    Elastomeric Roof Coating Tucson

    Roof Coating Services We Provide in Tucson

    Tucson Elastomeric Coating
    Elastomeric Coating is designed to provide a seamless, waterproof barrier over the existing roof surface. Elastomeric roof coating is made with rubber particles, asphalt or acrylic polymers, and other additives. It is often applied as a liquid that cures to form a solid, elastic membrane. The coating adheres strongly to the roof surface, filling cracks and seams, which creates a smooth and continuous barrier.

    Benefits of Elastomeric Roof Coating:


    The elasticity of the rubber allows the coating to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations without cracking or peeling, making it highly resilient.


    The seamless nature of the Elastomeric coating ensures excellent waterproofing capabilities, preventing leaks and moisture penetration.

    Energy Efficiency

    Its reflective properties help in reducing heat absorption, thus lowering cooling costs, especially in warm climates.

    Environmental Friendly

    Elastomeric roof coating often includes recycled materials, making it a more eco-friendly choice.


    It requires minimal maintenance and can be easily repaired if damaged, further enhancing its lifespan.

    How We Can Help with Elastomeric Roof Coating

    Our expert team in Tucson will evaluate your specific needs, apply the Elastomeric coating with precision, and ensure a perfect fit for your roof. This modern approach guarantees you a seamless, long-lasting, and energy-efficient roofing solution.


    Partnering with a roof coating specialist makes all the difference. Our tailored roof coating process addresses your entire roof’s needs, from meticulous roof repairs to coatings that enhance air conditioning efficiency by reflecting heat. Our expertise in elastomeric coatings makes us your go-to solution for Tucson roof coating. Don’t let the weather wear down your investment; contact us today with our specialized roof coating services to safeguard your property. We’re here to provide you with a secure, energy-efficient roof that stands the test of time.